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The Richmond area battlefields tell a detailed story: from the rising tide of the Confederacy to the defeats that would mark the beginning of the end of the South’s Civil War campaigns. Located 20-minutes from the heart of the old Confederate capital, this is the perfect place to study the American Civil War.

Hear the story of the rise of Robert E. Lee as General McClellan drives up the Virginia Peninsula and threatens the very gates of Richmond in 1862.

See where Lee’s costly but effective, bold, and audacious attacks will save the Confederate Capital in the Seven Days Battles – battles that will ultimately set the stage for a series of more resounding Confederate victories leading to the first invasion of the North, the Maryland Campaign, and Antietam. Explore Richmond’s battlefields with us. 

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Explore Richmond’s Civil War Sites

In the Richmond area, you will discover some of the best-preserved Civil War earthworks in the country. And you will learn the story of what was perhaps one of Lee’s last chances to stop Grant at the Battle of North Anna.

Cross the Pamunkey River with George Armstrong Custer and clash with Confederate cavalry at Haw’s Shop.

While in Patrick Henry country, you will hear about Lee’s first strong defenses of Richmond along the Totopotomoy Creek. Finally, things will shift south where Grant will look to land a knockout blow at Cold Harbor by ordering a costly frontal assault against Lee’s entrenchments.

The city of Richmond today still bears witness to the old Confederate capital – discover the rise and fall of the Confederacy.

Learn about the government, city defenses, war manufacturing, hospitals, prisons, cemeteries, monumental events, personal stories, the general way of life, and much else besides.

Take a private tour of Richmond’s Civil War locations with Battlefield Tours of Virginia to really unlock the history of this fascinating part of the country.

If you have any questions concerning our Richmond tour offers, get in touch. And remember, we also organize Custom Civil War Battlefield Tours if you have a special itinerary in mind. 

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The third battle of Ulysses S. Grant’s Overland Campaign. Robert E. Lee sets a trap for Ulysses S. Grant. See some of the best preserved Civil War earthworks.
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The fourth and last Overland Campaign battle. Hear about Ulysses S. Grant’s repeated attacks against Confederate entrenched positions.
Seven Days' Battles

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Culmination of Union General McClellan’s Peninsula Campaign to seize the Confederate capital leading to Robert E. Lee rise to launch a series of offensives over 7 days.

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