Combo US Civil War Battlefield Tours


American Civil War Guided Tours

Our local battlefield experts have paired two related battlefields to make the most of your day and created the ultimate combo tour for you.

We’ve considered various campaigns and the chronological timeline so you can follow the events and understand our epic American story better.

We’ll make a lunch stop to keep marching to the beat of the drum to the next epic battle.

Combination US Civil War Tours

Your battlefield guide will join your vehicle and lead the way as you discover hallowed ground.

  • Each combo tour has its own tour theme of the day
  • Take one comprehensive battlefield tour in the morning
  • Enjoy a lunch break
  • Travel to the next battlefield with commentary
  • Take another comprehensive battlefield tour in the afternoon
  • Travel back to your starting point with commentary

If you have any questions regarding our combo Civil War Tours, please contact us.

And if you don’t want to commit to a combination tour trip or just have one specific site you wish to visit, please browse our range of Civil War Driving Tours of Virginia Battlefields.

Discover Battlefield Tours of Virginia Combo Tours...

Fredericksburg & Chancellorsville

The Rising Tide of the Confederacy

Part of the rising tide of the Confederacy. Two epic victories which inspired Robert E. Lee to invade the North again, leading to the Gettysburg Campaign.
The Wilderness & Spotsylvania Court House

The Overland Campaign Part 1

Beginning of the end of the Confederacy with the start of Ulysses S. Grant’s famous Overland Campaign. The next major battles after Gettysburg.
North Anna & Cold Harbor

The Overland Campaign Part 2

The last portion of the Overland Campaign before Ulysses S. Grant crosses the James River. Follow both armies as they clash before they reach the Cold Harbor crossroad.
Spotsylvania Court House & North Anna

Civil War Earthworks

Interested in earthworks & fortifications? Then, this tour is for you! See some of the best-preserved Civil War earthworks in Central Virginia.
Chancellorsville & Brandy Station

The Road to Gettysburg

The battle that encouraged Robert E. Lee to invade the North for the second time as well as the opening battle of the Gettysburg Campaign.
Mine Run & The Wilderness

After Gettysburg

Find out what happened after the battle of Gettysburg as George Meade & later Ulysses S. Grant try to get at Robert E. Lee in Orange County, Virginia.
Cedar Mountain & Brandy Station

The Culpeper Area Battlefields

The most dramatic battles in Culpeper County. Cedar Mountain, the last independent command of Stonewall Jackson & Brandy Station, the beginning of the Gettysburg Campaign.
Cold Harbor & The Seven Days' Battles

The Richmond Area Battlefields

Tour the Seven Days' Battles, part of the defense of Richmond in 1862 and the Battle of Cold Harbor, the last of Ulysses S. Grant’s famous Overland Campaign.

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